XR Central announces a Strategic partnership with ICanCare as their Digital Technology Partner for 3 years

Let’s “SAVE the Youth” with right consultation and help


Anshul Agarwal December 11, 2020

Let’s “SAVE the Youth” with right consultation and help 

New Delhi, October 14th, 2020: XR Central (XRC) partners with ICanCaRe, a healthcare Startup working in cancer prevention and rehabilitation with special focus on tobacco deaddiction, as its digital technology partner to make this campaign stronger and lead to the right audience. The main aim of this partnership is to build and maintain microcontent, interactive games and quizzes, and connect with corporates for CSR partnerships to support the ICanCaRe SAVE the Youth Campaign. The partnership between both the companies is for 3 years and would enable doctors, volunteers, marshals, ambassadors of the program with the interactive content to spread the message and create awareness among others to join the ICanCaRe Campaign. 

Through this association, XR Central will be responsible for architecting the learning experience by using their most technological advanced platforms and frameworks, which would help in reaching to the correct audience. The partnership will enable the availability of trained specialists and Tobacco Wellness and Oral Screening Centres to motivate  others to quit tobacco. Moreover, it would also rope in influencers, the Tobacco MARSHALs in every club and Institutions which would help ICanCaRe, to strengthen its ecosystem in creating awareness about tobacco menace. 

Dr. Pawan Gupta (Co-Founder & Chief Medical Advisor) says, “The biggest hurdle with tobacco control is the lack of right knowledge and deep social acceptance. Through this partnership we plan to motivate people to quit tobacco with the increase in the availability of trained specialists and Tobacco Wellness and Oral Screening Centres. This step undertaken by both the organisations is a boon to mankind as this was the need of the hour. We are happy to choose them as our Digital Technology partners as we feel that the team is very enthusiastic and has helped various companies for noble causes in past as well “ 

Speaking on the occasion, Anshul Agarwal, Co-Founder, XR Central said “We are delighted to announce XRC’s partnership with ICanCaRe. We would try our best to spread the message and empower others to join the ICanCaRe Campaign. We are overwhelmed to be associated with such an honourable cause and we would ensure that a visual impact is created by engaging target audience with interactive and immersive content. Our association is based on mutual trust and values of customer focus & service. Through this initiative, we aim to create and raise awareness of this world recognized campaign “SAVE the Youth”. We would use our latest technological breakthroughs to reach out to target audience- youth- schools and college students and parents.

XR Central, also known as XRC, is one of the most technological advanced and trusted start-ups in India. Founded by two aspiring and enthusiastic entrepreneurs- Anshul Agarwal & Shrey Mishra, XR Central has already bagged many large enterprise logos as the customer base. XRC prides itself in developing cutting edge, innovative and very personalized experiences and XR based solutions for its customer. XRC specializes in Virtual spaces (museums, events, experience centers, concerts, virtual showrooms, digital briefing centers, virtual product launches, etc.), web 3D and VR content (spatial computing), Web AR and Web VR, AI-powered voice (google & Alexa), digitization of equipment (digital catalogues), XR based training simulations (scenario-based simulations), e-learning modules (full stack e-learning that can be easily integrated with existing LMS system).

Innovative Cancer Care and Rehabilitation Pvt. Ltd. (ICanCaRe) is a healthcare startup working in providing innovative solutions in the field of cancer prevention, care & rehabilitation, striving to make life comfortable and easy beyond cancer for all winners and survivors. ICanCaRe is recognized as Start-up by DPIIT, Government of India, incubated at Gujarat University Start-up and Entrepreneurship Council (GUSEC) and is lifetime member of Millennial India International Chamber of Commerce Industry & Agriculture (MIICCIA). ICanCaRe works exclusively in preventive healthcare and has pioneered online solution for Tobacco Cessation, to provide support & treatment for the complex disease of Tobacco! Through its mission “SAVE the Youth” it has created awareness about cancer and tobacco across India amongst a million people.

About XR Central: http://www.xrcentral.tech/

About ICanCare: https://www.icancare.in/

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