Virtual Supermarket: Future of Retail Shopping is here

XRC helps a tech giant build a virtual super market and integrates it with backend- SAP S4/HANA.


Anshul Agarwal December 20, 2020

Background & Challenge: The client is an Indian multinational corporation that provides business consulting, information technology services. The client was looking for a partner who can be trusted and has expertise on integrating XR tech with back end systems like SAP. 

XRC’s Solution: This was the first direct application of our platform CUBE. This experience was made for the Oculus Quest. Personalization of profiles, add to shopping cart, allergy notifications, real shopping cart, pick up and see products, compare two products, push notifications engine for marketing promotions to entice shoppers, 200+ variety of 3D products, 8 aisles, self-check-out counters and live help chat are few of the many features that were built within the experience. 

Result: Following results were achieved: 

  • We delivered a very high-quality experience with very fidelity 
  • Until now, close to 8,000 users have appreciated and enjoyed the experience 
  • Experience was customized for Oculus Quest 
  • 8 highly appreciative testimonials to our client from their client on the experience

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