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Experience Centers & Museums

We take experience centers, museums and exhibits virtual by using web3D and Virtual Reality (VR). We use the CUBE platform to integrate interactive layers to the 3D architecture and optimise it to be run on the web. Brands reach out to us to custom design their virtual experience centers with interactivity layers such as- live streaming, live demo showcasing, chatbots, 3D avatars to give a walk through.



Virtual Briefing Centers

Using the CUBE platform, we help brands grow businesses in the new reality. We build state-of-the-art briefing centers that run on the web. Brands reach out to us with a photograph of their existing physical briefing centers or just their imagination of a virtual briefing center. We build 3D of the space and power the interactivity layer using the CUBE platform.



Virtual Event Platform

Take your next event virtual with real life engagements, business conversations, live product showcases and 3D avatars. Our solution for the virtual event has- in platform chatbots, voicebots, exchanging business cards, live streaming, customizable branding and demo showcase options.



WebAR & WebVR

We create powerful AR and VR campaigns that are optimized to run on the web. Brands reach out to us for creating powerful campaigns that engage their end-users through the immersive and interactive AR/VR content. Our solutions are APP-FREE and run on your web browser.



Immersive Reality

We leverage XR technologies- Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR) and 3D simulations to develop immersive learning, training and development use cases, across verticals, that are engaging and interactive.



3D Spatial Computing

We create 3D visualization of products and spaces. Brands reach out to us for helping them craft an AR and VR strategy to boost sales and engagement.



Full Stack e-Learning Platform

We gamify the learning experiences. Our plug and play GCLearn platform can be integrated on top of an existing LMS such as- Moodle, Adobe Captivate, etc. to add the interactivity and analytical layer that boosts the experience for both learners and faculty. Our solutions are categorized into: Microlearning, Online Learning, Mobile Learning and Immersive Learning. We build content strategy, integrate to existing LMS and host it on cloud.



Volumetric Performance Capture

We offer fully immersive services to create holographic videos—holograms of dynamic people and performances. Immersive and holographic media requires new approaches for world building and storytelling. Brands utilize these holograms to engage with their audiences in virtual reality, augmented reality, and in 2D.



AI Powered Voice Assistants

Our team has expertise on delivering the highest quality voice first applications on Amazon Skill store and Google action. We integrate voice application layers to virtual environments as well as stand alone solutions.


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