Case Study

VR Immersive Museum Experience To Preserve Egyptian Culture and Monuments


NetProphets Cyberworks, a business integration organization, were looking for a trustworthy and design expert technology partner to create an immersive, enriching experience for museum visitors.


We believe that our surroundings play a pivotal role in engagement with different ideologies and culture. Sometimes even the museum’s experience can be limited by the boundaries of our surroundings. Therefore, we partnered with NetProphet to enhance the experience and create an immersive engagement using Virtual Reality. We created two immersive reality experiences

  • Egypt: To showcase its history, world famous Pyramids and mummy Pharaoh Tutankhamun
  • First sermon of Buddha: To showcase the serenity offered and in true sense to provide the visitors with the close to real atmosphere to gratify their experiences


  • 1000+ engaged audience
  • Improved knowledge retention of audience with layers of immersive interactions and walkthroughs


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