Case Study

Immersive Instructional Design Module For Luminous Power Technologies- VR


Luminous Power Technologies, one of the most powerful and trustworthy brands with a range of innovative products in the electrical space, had been struggling with knowledge retention of their employees about their huge product portfolio.


GC Interactive collaborated with Luminous to create an immersive reality based inverter assembly module in VR. The goal was to accelerate the learning process of how an inverter is assembled and at the same time ensure longer product knowledge retention for it’s employees. We built in gamified elements into the inverter assembly module and it was based on the situational storyline of that there is no electricity in an apartment and the user has to completely assemble the inverter (as per instructions) in order to put the power back on.


The immersive reality solution helped:

  • Luminous employees retain relevant information on inventor assembly, longer.
  • Increase employee participation and engagement as the solution had visual storyline appeal, gamified interfaces and a 360-degree immersive experience


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