How brands are using AR & VR

How brands are using AR & VR


Anshul Agarwal December 9, 2020

In the world of today, the market is driven by the desire and need of the consumer. With the advent of new technological interventions, the desires also take a leap hence its imperative that the brands keep changing with the pace. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are one of the most significant emerging trends within the marketing and sales strategies, which has the potential to shake up the entire ecosystem. These so called XR technologies (MR, AR and VR), over the last year or so, have helped brands to create a greater impact by allowing the customers to give their unique experiences with the convenience of new technologies.

According to the recent survey by Gartner, 100 million consumers will shop in Augmented Reality. Now, this implies that VR/AR has become a significant pillars through which the consumers will interact with brands and make purchase decisions. Many businesses around the globe have realized the positive brand impact that AR and VR will have in enhancing the sales and the brand value. Times are changing and it is very crucial that the demands change according to the needs and requirements of the consumers. Brands are using the integration of AR, VR in their Digital Marketing Strategies to offer the best to their customers.

The basic reason for the popularity of AR and VR is the fact that it allows the brands to provide unique experiences in the click of a button. All brands have integrated business solutions in their digital marketing services to provide users what they expect from the products or services that they are purchasing. Another reason for the growing popularity of the AR and VR digital marketing campaigns is the fact that it creates better opportunities across digital marketing and website development services. It is alarming to know that more than 70% of the globally recognized brands have already integrated AR and VR solutions into their marketing strategies. In the business world , intending to set up a website for any online business , AR and VR are crucial moreover, AR / VR based solutions have the potential to get  glued to the consumer via user engagement, inspiration, impact, and experience . 

Brands using VR to enhance experience and make learning better

The new normal has pushed boundaries for the marketing teams to go back to the drawing board and re-think strategies. Events have been cancelled, campaigns have been squeezed for budgets and the world is going virtual. All these, have made way for AR and VR technology to get a seat at the marketing strategy table. 

The VR technology has paved the way and opened doors to a highly interactive, engaging and development of content. VR enables and allows brands to offer unique customer experiences to their audience base. AR based advertisement solution allows potential customers to try the products from the mobile camera. The AR technology helps the medium to overlay graphics, sounds and texts in the actual world. The use of these technologies in the website development services has revolutionised outstanding solutions and begins to multiply as per the business process requirements. AR technology used in marketing technology can be used to highlight the status of a brand and enhance the user experience. A proper execution of this technology can boost the brand significantly. By virtue of AR technology, the customers can scan the product to pull an AR-enriched user experience tailored with additional information about the same product or services. 

The applications of AR and VR based solutions stretch various industries and markets globally. For marketers, AR and VR are a very powerful tool to storytelling and visualization. Gone are those days, where AR and VR experiences are app based solutions. Today, web based solutions for AR and VR (which run on any web browser and no app is needed) are gaining popularity and enabling brands across the globe to reach a wider target audience by creating experiential and immersive content. Making AR/VR a part of the marketing strategy, brands can realize positive impact on brand and revenue. 

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