Case Study

Salesowl an interactive Micro-Learning platform for Emcure


Emcure, one of India’s largest pharmaceutical organizations, was looking for a partner who can help them build a solution that improves the experience and the engagement levels of their medical representatives and at any time keep all the medical reps updated with the latest and also create a platform where to keep them updated with the latest products they have to offer.


GC Interactive collaborated with Emcure to develop Salesowl, a gamified learning App which works on both iOS and Android. We converted the old text based learning content into new interactive content. The modules were designed in a way that as Emcure’s L&D team uploads content to the cloud, notifications are sent to the sales reps. We built interactive interfaces to improve the users experience and increase the probability of the product information being retained for long. Few of the features that our solution included are: multiplayer gaming, quizzes, leaderboard, & trainer assessment interface.


  • Salesowl has been able to engage 4000+ users so far
  • Improved engagement rates to 80% active users
  • Enhanced user experience of medical reps by providing one interactive platform to view the product information, and detailed analysis about medicines and various other products of Emcure
  • Increased sales by creating a competitive environment for the medical reps


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