Case Study

AR Powered Yellow Sock Campaign to Give Children the Happy Childhoods They Deserve


CRY was looking for a digital campaign partner to help them design, and executive a fundraiser campaign. The campaign was aimed at safeguarding and securing the rights of the children and to make their future better.


GC Interactive teamed up with CRY, Child Rights And You, a non-profit charitable organisation that has been working for the welfare of thousands of children for years, to design and execute the yellow socks campaign. We came up with the idea of creating face filters to aid the special social cause. The face filters were made from yellow socks to emphasize how creatively and artistically the yellow socks can be used and in turn will help the children to shape their future in a number of ways.


The face filters were widely appreciated and in the span of just 28 days the following results were the achieved:

  • Generated a total of 84,388 impressions
  • 428 captures and
  • Total of 60 shares


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